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Turnkey Construction

Our construction company aims to provide quality services in the field of construction realization, from its foundations to the final interior design. We also respond to the most demanding customer requirements. Simply put, you can gain everything under one roof, the plot, project preparation, and keys from your new house. The general contractor of the construction takes care of everything, and you communicate with him throughout the whole process of realization. Turnkey construction means to easy you of a burden of the construction itself. It saves your time, you do not need any expert knowledge, and you get a guarantee for finished work as a whole. Of course, your active participation is inevitable.

Reconstruction - Compromise

When reconstructing, we begin with the consultation about the range and method of reconstruction, which is free of charge. We give you a quotation, and if you do not change instructions during the reconstruction, the bid price is final. We realize reconstruction completely, including burglary, heating, painting and electric services, and also issuing relevant review reports. The construction quality is determined by a number of factors, as a willingness to invest in the construction, the quality of the project itself, and the quality of performed services. The quality of performed services is related to the mind and knowledge of the people who realize them. It is better to have more knowledge about the construction because you can more affect its quality.

Interior and Exterior Services

The interior services are construction services related to the interior. They include, for example, mounting of door frames, rough wiring and installation services, the installation of electricity and water distribution, the installation of heating systems distribution, interior plastering, the finishing services of electrical installations, water and heat distribution, and finishing general construction services (e.g. mounting of windows parapet desks, and so on). Many of these activities you can do yourself, but everything that has to do with water, heat and power installations must be left to the experts, to be executed in accordance with current standards and orders. Finally, we install a sanitary facility, chandeliers, connect to a heating element or heat distribution, the source of drinking water, gas, sewerage system, and so on. We also install floor coverings, furniture, and many other things, which lead to the desired goal - to move to the new home. However, the construction services do not end for us. We will continue with building a fence, a walkway to the entrance door, and many other things that create for us something, that is called OUR HOME.

Exterior Services

The exterior services are final finishing services. They include building a fence, walkway to the entrance door, relaxation area, summerhouse or pitch, and many other things, that create your HOME. Also, in this phase, it is necessary to cooperate with a company that makes your new home.


Demolition is the core activity of the company TEAM-builders s.r.o., which mainly uses its own capacities, machines, and tools. Our wide range of equipment provides a solid basis for machinery demolition and complete objects disposal, but also the manual demolition of constructions.

Demolition may seem at first sight as a simple action but it is not always a matter of self-help. Every rebuilding of an apartment, housing core, or reconstruction always begins with demolition. We are here to save your worries and problems of looking for refuse collection lorries and handling the place where you can remove, or ecologically eliminate old materials. But for our machinery and experienced employees, it is not any problem. We can ensure the disposal of old materials and building materials in accordance with waste disposal laws. We also perform partial sorting of building material according to the methods of disposal, or its further utilization, recycling of waste, which is exported to a rubbish or composting plant. As everybody knows, in the past, for roofing was used the products from eternity and other similar unhealthy materials, that you would definitely have a problem with their destruction. We use different types of machinery for demolition, so we can dispose of the old building in a short time. We remove all waste and clean up the building plot, we prepare it for further construction. In addition, before partial reconstruction, we also deal with partial burglary demolition and sanitation services, and we are able to do our work very carefully without damaging of the other parts of the building, that are not reconstructed. We remove and dispose of old windows and doors, ceramic and wood tiles or pavements, and other floor coverings or old wiring.

We specialize in manual demolition (in case the building situation requires no machinery). Cutting into a panel, cutting brickwork with sucking, cutting out old iron frames, cutting out new holes for doors, windows, extending of holes, concrete cutting, core drilling of ferroconcrete holes, cutting of ferroconcrete using diamond technology, chemical anchoring, sawing, milling of a cast and antistatic floors.

We also specialize in the demolition of reinforced surface and roads, dwelling houses, industrial buildings, and halls, together with recycling and construction waste removal (building materials).