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Engineering - Engineering in the Construction Industry

Our engineering offers services to easy our customers of a burden of the most operations what they need to manage the investment project. Therefore, it is good to have effective engineering at the very beginning of the investment project, to avoid unnecessary cost prolongations during the project and execution phase.

Engineering - Supply of Services

We ensure construction supervision, who represents the interests of the investor, does not lead the construction, only supervises the proper operations and abidance of the contractual conditions.

Construction Supervision supervises activities such as:

- monitoring of the manner and procedure of the construction, whether the construction is realized in accordance with approved project documentation and construction permission

- monitors whether the safety and health protection at work are not endangered, whether there is no damage and risk to the environment over the extent established by specific rules, and whether the other public interests are not endangered

- monitoring of those parts of the work, that are hidden or become inaccessible in the next process, the acceptance of works, and the supervision of debugging and the backlog of work detected during acceptance    

- monitoring of the construction bookkeeping, that is led by the construction supervision at all times of construction, from the first day of preparatory services on the building to the remedy deficiencies of the actual construction realization in accordance the conditions of the final approval decision.

Discussing of investment intention with the persons concerned

The execution of territorial planning, building permit, an approval decision  

The legalization of construction, removal permissions

The representation of the investor against the third person (local authorities, designers, construction suppliers)

Tenders processing and assistance for selecting of construction supplier